Will Eagles Trade Running Back DeMarco Murray

demarco-murrayAfter a miserable season playing for Chip Kelly last year in Philadelphia, it looks like running back DeMarco Murray wants our of the City of Brotherly Love despite a change in head coach.

The arrival of Doug Pederson has done nothing to change Murray’s feelings that he made a colossal mistake a year ago signing for the Eagles as a free agent.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, teams are being told that Murray isn’t happy and the Eagles will listen to trade offers.

But the question is this: Just how unhappy is Murray? Unhappy enough that he’d take less money to play elsewhere? Because if he’s not that unhappy, a trade probably isn’t going to happen. The five-year, $40 million contract Murray signed last year calls for him to make a $7 million base salary this season, which it may be hard to convince any team to pay. And trading Murray would give the Eagles a $13 million dead cap hit this season, which means the Eagles aren’t going to be eager to make a move.

Rapoport notes that Murray has an affinity for the Cowboys. But any kind of trade involving Murray would likely be difficult to pull off, and a trade within the NFC East may be even harder.

After winning the Offensive Player of the Year award in 2014 with the Cowboys, Murray had a miserable season in 2015 with the Eagles, gaining just 702 yards on 193 carries and getting largely phased out of the offense as the season wore on.

Do you think the Eagles will trade Murray?