Mookie Betts Trade Rumors Heat Up

mookie betts

The Red Sox are open to the idea of trading star outfielder Mookie Betts, even though doing so would greatly harm their chances of contending in 2020. They’re looking to do so in order to work their way under the competitive balance tax (CBT) threshold and reset the penalty schedule. Granted, those CBT penalties shouldn’t mean much to a team of Boston’s means, but here we are. 

The Padres have been strongly linked to Betts, but of late the Dodgers seem to be the hotter potential trading partner. On that front, here’s this from veteran analyst Peter Gammons: 

This, obviously, would significantly improve the Dodgers’ chances for 2020. With the specifics above duly noted, our own R.J. Anderson recently broke down what a Betts trade might look like.

As for Betts, the former AL MVP is 27 years of age and coming off yet another excellent season. Even when Betts doesn’t put up Mike Trout-like numbers at the plate, as he did in 2018, he’s still a highly valuable performer thanks to his high offensive floor, his defense, and his base-running. He’s eligible for free agency after the upcoming season, and he’s owed a salary of $27 million for 2020.