Minneapolis Awarded 2018 Super Bowl

MN_Superbowl_2014_07Spend a $1 billion on a new stadium and the NFL will reward you with a Super Bowl. That seem so be the message after Minneapolis was given the 2018 Super Bowl.

Minneapolis beat New Orleans and Indianapolis in voting by the 32 NFL owners and everyone from Commissioner Roger Goodell to a variety of owners, including the Vikings’ Wilf family, to members of the other cities’ bidding groups agreed on the decisive factor.

”The stadium project, the effort they had to bring that stadium to completion, the plans they have for it and the commitment that community has demonstrated was a positive influence on several owners that I talked to,” Goodell said.

”The new stadium was absolutely the deciding factor,” Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation President Jay Cicero said. ”Any time that there is so much public support for a $1 billion stadium, the NFL owners are impressed.

”We did everything we were supposed to do, had a fantastic presentation. In the end we think the stadium did it.’

Next year’s Super Bowl is in Glendale, Arizona, followed by Santa Clara, California, for the 50th Super Bowl, then Houston.