Mahomes Credits Andy Reed For SuperBowl Win

Mahomes Reid Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs team-mates were thrilled to end Andy Reid’s long wait for a Super Bowl trophy. 

The Chiefs battled back from 20-10 down, Mahomes leading his team to 21 unanswered points in a pulsating 31-20 win. 

Reid, who lost Super Bowl XXXIX while with the Philadelphia Eagles, earned his first Vince Lombardi Trophy after coaching his 222nd career victory. 

‘I had two goals when I became starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs,’ Mahomes said. 

‘The first goal was to win the Lamar Hunt Trophy. I wanted to bring it home, the one with our founder’s name. I wanted to bring it to this family, and to this organisation. 

‘And the second important thing was to get coach Reid a Super Bowl trophy. He’s one of the greatest coaches of all time. I don’t think he needed a Lombardi Trophy to do that… but it just puts all doubt aside. 

‘And he’s going to be listed as one of the greatest coaches in history whenever he wants to be done, and I hope it’s not any time soon.’ 

‘The work that he puts in day-in and day-out, he’s there at like three in the morning, and he leaves at 11. I don’t think he sleeps. I’ve tried to beat him in, and I never can. He’s someone that works harder than anyone I’ve ever known, and he deserves it.’ 

Reid was equally delighted, adding: ‘This is what it’s all about. What a great team, great coaches. Appreciate every bit of it.’ 

The popularity of Reid, a 61-year-old grandfather of nine, cannot be understated. 

‘I think that was the goal the whole week – to win this game for coach Reid,’ added safety Tyrnn Mathieu. 

‘He’s been doing this a long time. Obviously, he has done a lot for a lot of players in that locker room, a lot of the coaches in that locker room and a lot of the coaches in the NFL in general. 

‘It’s been a long time coming for him. He’s such a good man. He gives us that confidence, he lets us be ourselves and he has created this culture that is all about family, that is all about team. We can feel that.’ 

And wide receiver Sammy Watkins, whose 98 yards featured a critical 38-yard reception with the Chiefs down 20-17, also could not speak highly enough of Reid.

‘One of the best coaches in the league. He helped me revive my year. He told me that this team was going to win championships and I believed him. 

‘He kept talking to me when I was down with injuries, when I was not getting the ball. Stay positive, stay motivated, keep my mind on the prize and one objective and that is to win the Super Bowl.’