Adrian Peterson Skips Vikings OTAs

adrian-petersonAdrian Peterson is not too happy with the Minnesota Vikings and it could cost him. Jason La Canfora fills you in.

Is anyone really surprised that Pterson is not at OTAs? The 30-year-old running back feels disrespected by the way the Vikings didn’t support him during his entire child abuse case.

The problem for Peterson and his agent is that he has no leverage here, He is set to make $12.8 million in base salary this year. That’s over $5 million more than any other running back in the NFL. In a league that doesn’t value running backs much these days, that is a huge premium to pay Peterson.

Plus teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys are not that interested in mortgaging their future for a running back on the wrong side of 30. Even one as good as Peterson.

Where does this leave Peterson?

The Vikings could very well decide to call his bluff, at which point Peterson would have to decide between reporting to camp or losing millions while holding out. There’s no doubt Minnesota would be a better team with Peterson in the fold, but it would have no issue with Peterson collecting fine after fine while sitting out.

That would leave Peterson sitting out for a second consecutive season – at the very least, the start of the 2015 campaign. And with no team willing to trade for his contract, it could push the veteran out of the league altogether.